Thursday, September 29, 2011

Now on YouTube

On YouTube, there is a competition call "Get Your Blunt Shit Sharp (Knife Sharpening) Competition" on going. It is a competition from the channel cKc knivesandstuff and the prizes are very generous.

But that is not the reason I am making post about it on this blog. What amazing about this competition is that the participants’ entry. So many people and so many different ways of how people sharpens them knives. Some are really skilled, some are not, but all of them get them knife sharpened and have something to offer to others that you have something you can learn from it.

If you are interested in knives and sharpening knives, I recommend go check it out! Also remember to check out the initial video post knivesandstuff has made. It is explaining why he has started this competition and that video is also the one you should watch if you like knives.

To his channel>>
And the competition entries >>

Have fun!! and good luck to all who are participating the competition.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Axe again??? – また斧

“Axe againe???” that my SWMBO saied when I have picked this one up from free market while we are traviering Tammisaari in summer.
I know myself that I have got more than enough axes to use, but cant help it when I see good old axe in good condition like this. And further more, the price was really good.

What I got this time is an Axe head from Kellokoski. It is an old Finish maker, which died out like Billnäs after chain saw came out to market.  Also in Finland (or from Kellokoski and Billnäs), this style of head was not common and called “Canadian style” on them old catalog.
I have had it rust removed, but nothing els was done till now. But I wanted to use it this weekend, decided to hang it now.
今回手に入れたのはKellokoskiというフィンランドのメーカーの物。この会社もBillnäsと同じく、チェーンソーの登場と共に消えて行ったメーカー。 そしてこの形の斧は結構珍しく、KellokoskiとBillnäsの昔のカタログ見ても『カナダ型』として一品掲載されているだけ。

Cleaned and polished and sharpend, then fit the helve. Hulttafors’ hickory helve was just good size, so no work was needed to fit well. The easiest hanging work ever.
The axe head: about 800g
Helve about 60cm
Lets see how this will work!


Monday, September 19, 2011



Warning!! The links on this post will open images, which are very disturbing to some eyes. Please donot open it if you do not have stomach to such images or do not wish to see them.


これではまずいので、2日目からは、ガーゼにたっぷりのワセリンを塗って患部を覆います。これは保湿しながら、必要以上の湿気を逃がすのでGood! 知り合いの看護婦さんからのお勧めです(やけどの処置にも良いそうです)。


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sneak preview what is coming up…

Recently, I have purchased a multi-bladed folder knife from local hardware store for just 1euro / knife….
As you can imagine from the price, it is one of those crappy JUNK knife. But because of it’s price, I bought 2 of them, thinking of using it as law material for some project.

Back to home and start observing the knife, and noticed that the blade is actually carbon steel, and hardened harder than Opinel blade.
This, I have to sharpen it properly and test, so I did…
Sharpened it to razor sharp and it took the good edge. So took it out to my garden work to cut raspberry bushes.

Managed to cut all this without any visible damage to the edge.
So I have put it under the microscope…
100x-200x magnifications…
I see no damages.

200x-300x magnifications…
Found tiny chipping on most used part of edge…

This is a case of  “Cats hide their claws”. Unfortunately, this knife has horrible fittings that do not work properly as a folder, so I need to re-fit it.

Took everything a part and start fixing the problems. This is going to be an exiting project!! And good project for me to understand the construction of multi-bladed folder knives.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

空き缶ガス炉 – Coffee can forge

I have decided to make Coffee can forge for light job like small forging job and HT. I have no idea if this works or not… not even sure that if this is safe… well, lets see. I will take all precaution I can think of.








Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Gerber - Bear Grylls - Fire Starter

Found it in the local hardware shop and just had to get it.
And since I bought it, made quick review video of it while un-boxing it, so here you go…

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Monday,Forest,Good Feeling! - 月曜、森、リフレッシュ!

On Monday after the work, the weather was really good, so went for walk in forest.

Friday, September 2, 2011










Thursday, September 1, 2011

My mind is filled with...

Since the last weekend, my mind is filled with the idea getting my own canoe.
Every time thing like “I want it” comes strong in to my mind, the first step is to seek possibility of making one myself.
This is one of my good (perhaps bad??) habits that before considering buying the ready made one, I start looking for a way to make. Then if that seems to be way too difficult, then start considering of purchasing.

So that what I have started now, browsing through the internet, hours and hours, collecting information on how to build canoe all by myself.

As the research goes, there are several ways to make canoe based on the material used.
1: using plastic or glass fiver to mold the canoe.
>This is what most of nowadays canoes are made. But, it is not realistic method for self-builder. It involves too much initial investment, finding materials in small lot.

2: Wood or Wood & Canvas canoe.
> Very common for high-end / premier canoes and are beautiful. Also this is realistic method for self-builder. But still I am not sure, how much the materials would cost and not sure if I can locate them within or available to Finish market. Also skill required might be too high for me.

3: Birch bark canoe.
> This is most “Bushcraft” like way of making canoe and requires only crooked knife and awl. Material cost is low as well and the skill required seems to be within the reach of mine. But the issue here is the birch bark. It is impossible for me to fined the birch bark, which is suited for canoe making. At least for now, and in near future.

4: Plywood canoe.
> This probably the easiest way to self-build a canoe. It basically cut out the plywood based on template and glue them all together. End result seems to be quite nice, but the issue is,,, I DO NOT LIKE IT!!! I want something more traditional!

5: Skin on frame boat canoe.
> This is very simple, make frame and put the ballistic canvas on top to make the hull. Cheap and easer to make. It also look quite traditional, but I am not quite convinced with it.

Based on this, I decided to look for the ready made ones… but… that is totally out of reach.  Even the used ones are starting from 500e and those are kind of crappy looking. I rather then pay for new inflatable canoe with that money…

Then suddenly came to my mind, What if I replace the birch bark to canvas??? Can it be done??
The beauty of birch bark canoe is that the constriction starts from outer hull, when other canoes are made other way around. This makes the low initial cost and tools required possible. You do not even need to make the mold nor strong-back (the total canoe shaped template).

So went back to look for if someone has done it…
Yes, I found it and it was done by Innu people and is beautiful. They have replaced the birch bark to PVC treated canvas. Also, instead of using cedar, they are using spruce and fir. Those are quite easy to find in here in Finland, and I even might have posibility of getting the logs.

Mmmm… I can start to see the near future projec…

If you are interested in, click the link below to check out the page. It is very interesting and lots of information about Innu people.