Wednesday, November 30, 2011

DIY Wood stove for tent. テント用薪ストーブの自作

This is annoying start of winter. It has been freezing for few days and had little snow. But today +6 Celsius again.  I start to wonder, if this stove will have use this year if the weather keeps being like this…

However, the DIY stove project is progressing. Now I have got to the shape when I can do the “Smoke” testing. Everything except door locking and legs are made and temporally fitted. Not complete length, but minimum length of the chimney is also made. So I have fired it just to check the air flow.
The result was satisfactory.  There are no smoke leaking, except from the door. But the door has no lock yet so if I push against the stove to close it completely, then was fine.

So the test is passed, now I can start making the legs and othere parts.

Legs are fitted. It is foldable.

The chimney part, just cramped.  The “L” shaped bend was the most difficult construct but managed to make tight fit of 2 cans.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

不調不調・・・Bad week...





I am kind of having bad week... my PC gave up and lost quite lots of video and image data...
also the the change i made on this blog was causing some issues here and there.

So, the DIY stove project is going slow. I only manage to make the door and chimney hole.

checking the can chimney fitting.

I really would likt to test fire this soon but...

Monday, November 21, 2011

Winter camp project Part 2011 – 冬季キャンププロジェクト2011年

Last year, I only managed to finish about half of the winter camp project. The Winter usable shelter and sledge to carry load. So, will continue the lest of the project this year.
The goal of the project is
1- Shelter for winter, which I can use wood stove inside.
2- Get wood burning stove for the Shelter.
3- Sledge for carrying load.
4- Ski or snowshoe for trekking.
So far,
I got shelter-> but would like to make some modification.
wood burning stove -> haven’t got anything done for this…
I got Sledge -> I would like to upgrade it + would like to train dogs to pull it!
Ski or snowshoe -> need upgrade or modify…
1> 薪ストーブの使えるシェルター
2> テント用薪ストーブ
3> 荷物用そり
4> スキーかカンジキ

As you can see, there are lots of tasks to go. So, start from the one haven’t done at all… the wood burning stove DIY!

Got metal sheet, cut, bend, riveted to make overall shape.

The dimensions are 15x20x30cm.

Placing the airflow plate and vent hole protection shield.
Now I need to figure out the door system, damper and how to attach the vent pipe. I will make the chimney using empty cans.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Late autumn mushroom – 晩秋の茸狩り

Last weekend I went for late autumn mushroom picking. This season there are not many mushrooms so, if you fined some it is relatively easier to ID with book.
Cantharellus cibarius
FIN: Keltavahvero
ENG: chanterelle
JPN: アンズ茸
This is very popular and desired mushroom in Finland.

Cantharellus tubaeformis
FIN: Suppilovahvero
ENG: winter mushroom
JPN: <和名無し>
Good mushroom. Good for drying and freezing to store.There are very close looking poisoness mushroom, which grows similar place as this one. The difference is that the center of the umbrella is Funneled. If it is not, then you are looking at the dengoruse one!

Hydnum repandum
FIN: Vaaleaorakas
ENG: Hedgehog mushroom
JPN: シロカノシタ(白鹿の舌)
Hedgehog mushroom... nicely named, don’t you think? Looks bit suspicious, but really a excellent edible mushroom. Also very easy to recognize.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Sunday morning canoe trip - 日曜朝のカヌートリップ

Finnaly got chance taking my canoe and DIY paddle out on the lake.
it wa really beautyfull morning and I have enjoyed very much. I guess, instead of telling you all about it, will be easier to see it. So here is the video I just uploaded. it seems the real winter is not close yet, so might be possible to do this again this year.???


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

1歳の誕生日 - This blog is 1yo now!


I just realized that this blog has turned 1yo by 3rd November.
The cumulated number of visitor also has exceeded 10,000!
So I would like to say "Thank You all for your support!"

Monday, November 7, 2011

カヌーパドルの自作 3 – DYI canoe paddle. part 3

The 2nd paddle is in progress. Shaping the blank to paddle then sanded. I still need to sand it till #120 after lightly moistening the grain. Then can move on to oiling.

It is coming out better than I expected, especially the part where the shaft was extended with other wood. The color difference and pattern it showing, I kind of like it! The shape of the handle is also much better than the first one.
I perhaps am able to try this out this weekend.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Caught up on many other things. – ちょっと忙しすぎ

Now, I really would like to finish the 2nd paddle, but there are few things I need to do at home + started Bushclass USA. So till this weekend, I probably will not progress on the paddle making. But fortunately, this year the winter seems to be coming slowly, so I should still expect no ice on lake for sometime.

Tell you about this Bushclass a bit. It is kind of on-line class about bushcraft skills. The Class has 2 certificates at this moment, the basic and intermediate. It is totally free and you can join anytime and can go through it with your pace. I have joined this not just to get the certificate, but also to know what I can do or not and to get new knowledge and skills.  It is well structured and easy to follow. If you are interested in what this is all about, should go check it out.