Monday, February 27, 2012

Winter camp - 冬キャンプ

So, here is a winter camp report from weekend.  We have started after work on Friday so the starting was quite late, was about 18:30. Sun was down and dark. But because of the snow, it was still quite visible. So we have decided to turn off the head lamp and walked through the forest path for about 3km. I like it this way not using lighting equipment as long as possible.
We arrived at camp site sometime before 20:00. But had no need of setting up shelter, because we are using laavu, that is there permanently.  So just needed to start fire and chill out. If not, we have had hard time with this schedule.

Grilled some makkara and talking about updates of our life, jokes, this and that… great time around campfire goes on till midnight.

This night, I have set up the sleeping system with 2 summer sleeping bag + wool blanket. Also, I have hanged a sheet of tarp behind the sleeping place as heat reflector.  When sitting between this reflector and fire, it was almost hot. It was just enough to wear long sleeve shirts.  And when sleeping, I had to ventilate and take off some of close as I started to sweat. It was a warmest camp night I have had for very long time…

Usual coffee and bannock breakfast. My friends are still in the sleeping bag, so I went quick walk on the lake. This track… it is very fresh… belongs to who???

My friends seem to be interested in Bushcraft thing, so quick demo and try out of making feather sticks.
Remember the MEXICAN guy?? Looks like He has been practicing…

It was just one night out trip but had great time. And I realized the effectiveness of the heat reflector. I should take this in to my shelter set up from now on…

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Really nice....

Just spent really comfortable night. And now the breakfast time.
Coffee, bannock, and let's see what I got...

Good night

Made some kindling morning.
Hot water bag in the sleeping bag.
Now time for good night sleep

Friday, February 24, 2012

Monday, February 20, 2012

100人登録記念プレゼント- 100 sub giveaway

!!!Scroll down for English version!!!


ブログ「物欲ノ奴隷」の百様。Bush n’ Bladeを何度も紹介してくださり、ありがとうございます!ハンズ・オンなナイフレビュー、これからも楽しみにしてます。




セット1 (一名様へ) 鍛造プーッコ 1本
 ワスティキヴィ・ポケット砥石 1個

セット2(一名様へ) ポケットアルコールストーブ 1個
 火打ち金 1個

- YouTubeに登録済みでYouTubeアカウントを通してこちらから連絡のできる方
- このプレゼント企画のビデオに対してYouTube上へ「プレゼントほし~」などの簡単な参加意思表明をコメントする。ビデオレスポンスでもOK!

締め切り> フィンランド時間の2012年3月3日0時まで。


As I have mentioned on my previous blog entry, I am going to do special event.
And the event is “100 sub giveaway”!

But first, I would like to send special thanks to :
Mr. Gorges Smythe from the blog “Gorges' Grouse”.  For mentioning my blog on his blog and regularly commenting on my post.

Mr. bmatt from “The Weekend Woodsman”. For mentioning my blog on his blog and regularly commenting on my post.

Mr. Finnman from ”Scandic Woodsman”. For putting link to my blog.
I also would like to say thank you to all of you who have been comment and supporting my blog and Youtube channel.

And here are the information about this giveaway and how to participate!
Giveaway Items:

Set 1 (for 1 winner)Self-forged puukko x1
Pocket sharpening stone x1

Set 2 (for 1 winner)Self-build Spirit stove x1
Flint striker x1

How to enter:
- You need to have a YouTube account, which I can contact you through it.
- Check your local law and make sure that you can legally receive these items.
- Make comment to this “100 sub giveaway” video on YouTube, stating that you wish to enter this competition. (just by “I am in” is enough. By VR also accepted.)

Ending day:
2012, March 3rd midnight Finnish time.

The Winner will be decided by drawing. The drawing process and announcing of the winners  will be done on video post on YouTube.
Hope many of you will join this competition and wish you good luck.

Friday, February 17, 2012

100人登録達成!- 100 subscribers on my YouTube channel

  フィンランド時間の昨夜0時24分。YouTubeのBush n' Bladeチャンネルへの登録者数が100に到達しました!

Last night 00:24 Finnish time. My YouTube channel Bush n' Blade has reached 100 subscribers!
Thank you very much for your support!!
So, I am thinking of some special event for this occasion. I still need some planning and video shooting to do for this, so will be posting more info on beginning of next week.

Monday, February 13, 2012

One knife craft

Since I have got new knife, specially designed for wood crafting, I thought I will try some one knife wood craft.
I picked up a piece of fir from fire wood pile and start to sprit it. Since I had no plan on what I am making, I ended up little too shot parts. But managed to come up with thin strips of wood plates. So decided to make small box.
Not pretty or fine craft, but something that is done old way. This box is made only with fir wood. No glue, no nail, no synthetic cordage.  Also the tool used was one knife only.

I am quite happy that the knife I made works exactly as I wanted to be that can handle this type of job comfortably.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

How To / SCHO-KA-KOLA spirit stove

I have made this and tested for several times. So far, I have not had any problem or accidents.  So I am introducing this on this blog. But this does not mean that making and use of this stove is safe. If you do make or use this stove, do it on your own risk. I take no responsibility if something happens.   (This is internet, so I need to state this… )

So, Here is how to make SCHO-KA-KOLA spirit stove step-by-step.
What you need>
SCHO-KA-KOLA tin can
Empty tin can larger in diameter than SCHO-KA-KOLA tin can.  Some soup can will do.
Glass wool or ceramic wool
Wire hanger.
Stove gasket
Scissors to cut tin
Can opener
Some plier to cut and bend weir
Some marker.

1: place SCHO-KA-KOLA tin on glass wool and mark the outline of the tin.
2: cut out the glass wool and fit it in to SCHO-KA-KOLA tin. The thickness of glass wool needs to be same as the depth of the tin.

3: cut out bottom of the empty tin can.
4:  place SCHO-KA-KOLA tin on cut out bottom of the empty tin can, and then mark the outline of the tin.
5: cut off and shape it according to the marked outline.
6: cut 8 slits around. The width of the slits is same as thickness of the Stove gasket

7: take Stove gasket and start placing it in to slits. First Clock-wise then counter clock-wise. Do this 2 rounds, you get 2 lines of wick

8: pop this inner rid in to SCHO-KA-KOLA tin.
9: Zigzag bend the wire and place it on top. You will probably need 25 to 30 cm of wire for this.
And you should have one look like this.

 Now, you just need to pour spirit in and light it!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

初打ちナイフ完成 – First knife of this year

The two puukkos I have forged on New Year time are finally completed. I was working on it but slowly and getting leather for sheath was little troublesome, so took really long time to finish these.

Two different sizes of puukko. One is quite straight forward traditional way general purpose and other one is specialized for whittling job.
刃渡りBlade length : 11cm & 9.5cm
全長 Total length : 22cm & 20.5cm
コンシールドタング consealed narrow tang
スカンジフラットグラインド Scandi flat grind
少しダイヤ気味のブレード・プロファイルSlithly diamond blade profile
The handle materials are alder root (on larger knife) and birch (on smaller knife)

As for usual testing, whittled a try stick, and also brass rod tested. Both passed, but I must say, the blade is little softer than my preference. Also I have to note that I am not very confident using these for batoning. The blade and tang would withstand the stress but not sure about the handle.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Found special place – 特別な場所

I have found this location just few weeks ago. It is very close to where I live so very convenient to take my dogs for walk and can do quick hike. What nice about this forest is that “No one comes there”. No forestry activities, no trekkers, no trail. So the forest is as it is.

Last weekend, when the temperature was close to -30 degree, I graved my pare of snowshoe and went for short hike with my dogs. I thought it would be a good snowshoe test field because it is dense woods, many steep hills and lots of debris under snow.

 The forest is dense, so the snow is not very deep. But walking over the fallen trees and through tight path, takes my energy away. Going uphill was quite OK.  Using toe to bite in the snow makes it like walking up the stairway.

On the middle way of the small hill, I have found a natural shelter.

There were lots of badger track going in and out of this shelter. My dogs got really interested in this spot.

Took short break on the top of the hill and then head back home. The downhill was much more challenge with the snowshoe. The snowshoe tends to slide down when stepped in. and there are no way to make heel to bite in to the snow, it was difficult to keep balance as well.  Need to find some solution for this…